Amazing Works Here: Employee Brand Videos

In a series of interviews, I had the pleasure of listening to the moving life stories of Intel’s employees. Synthesizing their big ambitions down to bite-sized videos, I worked with a team to capture their career trajectories in three convenient forms: 15, 30, and 90-second clips. I handled script direction and social media copy for this project.

See the landing page here.


Different Is Better: ThinkPad Case Studies

Lenovo wanted to share the fascinating work their global users are producing with the help of ThinkPads, so I created user pipelines to continuously feed their story database. What was supposed to be a one-time magazine evolved into an ongoing story portal.

See the finished magazine here, or visit the live #thinkstories homepage.

Individual Examples: Chinook, Tammy Silva, Osborne Clark, Hivemind, Daniel Whisler, Jorge Osorio.


#OpenUp: Let's Open up the Conversation Around Mental Health

Facebook was rolling out a mental health initiative that included innovative new programs and resources for its employees around the world. The initiative required branding an internal communications campaign that could inspire employees to get involved — on a highly sensitive topic.

#STAYLOUD: Skullcandy Stories

For Skullcandy’s #STAYLOUD campaign, I helped craft in-depth profiles of their featured bands and athletes — and did it in a style that was as high-energy and vibrant as the performances themselves. From live-stream event reviews to comprehensive write-ups, I made sure Skullcandy had the powerful words to back up their raucous music.

Examples: Harold HunterCoco HoRiver Tiber, Charlotte Cardin